Mar 22, 2010

Cochlear's Hearing Hero Award Goes To...

On behalf of all members of CiCircle, I would like to congratulate Miss Rachel Chaikof for winning Cochlear’s Hearing Hero award.

Rachel started advocating for others like herself at a very young age and has continued to devote much of her time to cochlear implant awareness. I can’t imagine having accomplished what she has in her short twenty three years. As a young college student, dealing with her own day to day hurdles, she still manages to dedicate time to CI awareness by maintaining, moderating, creating t-shirts, illustrating books, raising funds for various organizations, speaking to the public (not only in the US) and sharing her story. Along with everything else, Rachel continues to be an active member of the Cochlear Awareness Network.

The award is well deserved! As the winner, Rachel receives the opportunity to visit the Cochlear Americas headquarters in Denver, Colorado to share her experiences and meet with Cochlear executives and employees.

To read more about Rachel, visit her here.

Congratulations to all others that were nominated as well. Your devotion to the CI world is appreciated by many! More information regarding the Hearing Hero award can be found here, along with profiles of the other nominees.

...with love from the members of the Pediatric Cochlear Implant Circle

Mar 11, 2010

Size comparison of Nucleus 5 and Nucleus Freedom BTEs

If you're an avid CI family blog reader, you may have seen this already. Landon's (a.k.a. Buzz's) mom, Jen, posted some nice pictures on her blog comparing the new Nucleus 5 with the older Nucleus Freedom sound processor. There are photos both on and off Landon's ear (he's about 3 1/2 years old, BTW). Check it out: Landon's New Ears are Here

Also, in case you missed it a few months ago, here is a (captioned!!) video comparison of the Nucleus 5 and Freedom sound processors reviewed by an audiologist who also happens to be Nucleus user.