Sep 2, 2009

Decorating CI Processors

Over the years, some parents have gotten quite crafty with decorating their child's cochlear implant processor(s). From ribbons, barrettes, and flowers for the girls, to stickers and tube riders for the little boys, here are many of the options and instructions from Lera's mom, Julie. Her decorations and more photos can be found at her site: click to visit Julie's site


HEADPIECE or COIL DECORATIONS (attach with double sided tape like wig tape):

Silk flowers (can use with crystal brads)
Appliques (flowers, hearts, seasonal decorations)
Felt flowers (or other felt shapes)
Stickers/adhesive crystals

Color caps for the AB processors

*Decorations should be lightweight
*Note: some headpiece decorations are not suitable for the Advanced Bionics' body worn CI because of the microphone's location on the headpiece


Embroidery floss cord wrap (like hair wrapping) (can add beads)-

Wired ribbons wrapped to cover the cord can also be used


Stickers- Craft stickers, adhesive rhinestones/crystals, Indian Bindi, cell phone bling, Nail decorations, etc. Indian Bindi
Especially for boys: stickers that represent the boys' interests and pinewood derby decals

COLORFUL retainer EARMOLDS (to keep the processors in place):

Earmolds (or ask your audiologist about fun color combinations)

Other PRODUCTS that can be used to decorate cochlear implants:

Ear Gear My Magic Fairy barrettes and accessories
Super Seals

Some children love to decorate their processors and love the attention they get from their peers when they walk in with flame stickers or a blinged out BTE. You should be warned that decorating your child's processor can cause CI envy in the hearing children at school.

Julie Walkup (mom to Lera)