Oct 6, 2009

Trick out your CI processor

Look what we found!

A parent on the CI Circle listserve posted about a company called SkinIt, which makes custom skins for phones, laptops, cameras, just about any electronic device including -- you guessed it -- CI processors! There are thousands of designs available including (but not limited to) Disney, video games, religious, pretty girly stuff, scary skull stuff, and (mostly USA) sports team logos (though this Red Sox fan wants to know why SkinIt thinks that I might like the New York Yankees logo in their "recommended for you" section" NOT!!) You can even create your own design.

The SkinIt website is a little confusing at first, but what you need to do is both 1) choose a device and 2) choose a design. CI processors are in the 'Medical Device' category.

Now for the bad news (for some of you): SkinIt only makes skins for Advanced Bionics brand CI processors. However, perhaps with enough emails from us, they'll realize they can make even more money if they make skins for Cochlear and MedEl as well. (Skins for AB will not fit the other brands -- somebody asked.) Another small bit of bad news: not all designs are compatible with every device. For example, NFL logos do not work on the AB processor. However, you can get the Yankees logo (and hopefully other baseball teams) for US $14.95. Same price for something like a UK flag. An animal or botanical print is $12.45.

(Click on image to go to SkinIt website)