Jun 5, 2009

CI Circle Weekly Round-up May 30-June 5

Can't promise we'll keep the round-ups going indefinitely, but here is the buzz this week among parents at the CI Circle Yahoo Group. And while you are here, check out our readership survey (above.)

List members with children of all ages were inspired by a Salem (Ohio) News story about one member's daughter, a high school senior.

CSF gusher
A parent asked about this potential surgical complication in children with atypical cochlear anatomy, and a surgeon's hesitation about doing a sequential bilateral surgery because of it. Other parents shared their experiences and outcomes, and suggested a second opinion.

End-of-Year Awards
The topic of awards for elementary school children was brought up. It's particularly hurtful to an overlooked child when a teacher decides to give awards (academic, etc.) to most but not all of the students in a class. Parents shared stories where just a few children were left out of awards or rewards for the class. The common sense of teachers who recognize all but 2 or 3 kids in the class, or who publicly humiliate elementary school-age children was questioned.

IEP conundrum
The hypothetical question came up of whether or not it is legal, if a child requires CART or C-Print to access the curriculum, for the school district to provide this service but only if the student goes to another school in the district where the service is more readily available. Both sides were argued.

Cochlear's New Implant
More information surfaced about Cochlear's new implant in the form of an article in The Age, an Australian newspaper. There is speculation that Cochlear will gain US FDA approval soon and will unveil its new internal and external devices at the CI2009 Conference in Seattle this month.

Raleigh-Durham area
School quality in this part of North Carolina was discussed, with positive impressions but no personal experience shared.

A parent shared that a good product for securing sound processors during active sports, etc. is the Buff, that some contestants on Survivor wear (no, not the Season 1/Richard Hatch type of "buff"!) You can get one at REI. For demos on how to wear the Buff, visit buffwear.com's site.

Children with implants and illness
A parent asked if children with cochlear implants seemed more susceptible to common colds, etc. Some felt their child with a cochlear implant did get sick more often or for longer while others felt there was no difference or that other children in their family were sick more than the child with an implant.

Have a good weekend!
-- The CI Circle News Staff

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