Jan 21, 2009

CI Circle - the next generation


When our children are in their preschool years they often have many opportunities to socialise with deaf and hearing impaired peers through playgroups and other activities organised by the early intervention provider.

With the available technology today, newborn screening and quality intervention programs, many of these children go on to attend their local mainstream school with their siblings and other neighborhood friends - which is great!

The down side to that is that often the deaf/hearing impaired child maybe the only one in their school who has a hearing loss. In today's busy lifestyles often times it is tough for families of deaf/hearing impaired children to get together regularly.

One of the co-founders of CI Circle, Karen, found that her daughter was keen to make contact with other teens who have cochlear implants to be able to chat with them and share experiences. And so mother and daughter have joined forces to create CiCircle4Teens. Please note that this is a forum for teenagers (12 year olds may apply) but strictly NO ADULTS.

In the interests of screening members to ensure the protection of the teens using the new forum, please contact the list owners directly for more information about subscribing to this list.

You can contact them at this address cicircle4teens-owner@yahoogroups.com