Oct 15, 2008

The Official Blog of the Pediatric Cochlear Implant Circle

Welcome to the official news blog for CI Circle – The International Pediatric Cochlear Implant network for parents.

In 1998 Naomi Higgs (Australia) and Karen Biernat (USA) co-founded CI Circle. CI Circle arose from the need for parents to gain accurate and non-judgmental information about paediatric cochlear implants. The original group started with just 8 members and has now grown to 1700 members internationally.

In the life of each child, it is his/her parents who are there for the long haul – differing professionals may come in and out of their child’s lives but parents are the one consistent that is there all the time. As a result, parents become the keepers of a great depth of knowledge, some of it acquired from reading or attending seminars, and much of it based on direct real life experience. The information generated by this group has provided enormous support to both parents and professionals alike. If you would like to join the discussion forum of this group, joining information can be found here. For a collection of useful resources and to read the blogs of CI Circle parents, visit our website at http://www.cicircle.org/

Posted by Naomi